Dr. Kyle Routzahn
About Bro. Kyle…
Kyle was raised in Southeast Louisiana and saved by Jesus in 1998. He began his new life as a Christian living in South Mississippi where he met his wife Angelia. God called him to preach the gospel shortly after hurricane Katrina hit the region in 2005. He ministered in New Orleans while finishing school at Leavell College. He went on to pastor churches in Louisiana and Mississippi while earning Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. His background in business, traveling the world in the United States Air Force, and serving with local churches helps him relate to people for their spiritual needs. 
Bro. Kyle believes that the Bible is the supreme standard for faith and practice and that scripture is sufficient for addressing all of the problems and pit falls of life. He is a living example that “whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” -Romans 10:13. He Knows that Jesus Christ can save anyone and radically redirect their life.