live/love JOHN 15:12

Who am I?
Who am I to them?
Who am I to God?
We want students to be able to answer these questions by two approaches. One, a missions approach. Reaching out, sharing the Gospel, and targeting students. Two, Preparatory approach, equipping students for; leadership, Discipleship, and evangelism. 
Upcoming Events:
Wednesday Nights!
Come Join us on Wednesday nights for a time of worship and teaching of Gods word with a life application you can take on your walk with the Lord. 
Wednesday nights are high energy with games and sometimes food. It is a great time of fellowship with your peers and a opportunity to grow deeper with the Lord.  
Sunday Morning & Night!
Sunday School starts @ 9:30 AM We have Sunday School for both Girls and Boys.
Sunday Night Starts @ 6:00 PM 
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